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Dear Commander

Hey all,

Dear Commander 8. is up!



Dear Commander:

Let me tell you of the trees.

An ingenious gas exchange system

working in tandem with the carbon producers

much like our Targoliths but ….

Read the rest on my Tumblr Page.


In other news, no I haven’t disappeared, and yes I AM working on the next book! Sort of. I’ve taken a little creative break from the Paths series to work on a one-shot middle grade novel for children. I’m halfway through this current project, after which I promise to return to the Paths. But in order to create the best books possible, I needed to recharge my juices with a new, small project.

Man, I’ve been working on these books for 3 years now? 4? Time for a little switch up.

Anyways, that’s the State of the Author at the moment.

I’m also getting ready to leave Prague for…dun dun dunnnn…South Korea! I’ll be moving there to teach English in August, and as you can guess this involves a LOT of paperwork.

It’s been busy but fun. I’ll try and keep ya updated.

In the meantime, enjoy the poetry. Or hate it. Your interpretation is your own!

Dear Commander Poem Project

Hey guys,

I’ve kept this on the DL because A) I don’t have much time to devote to it, and B) it’s kind of strange and I’m not sure what to call it. Poetry? Space-poetry? Outsider prose?

Basically, I’m working on a project called “Dear Commander.” In the Dear Commander series, I will post a number of poems in the format of an alien writing reports back to its chief. There is no description of the aliens, or any information at all, really. Just the reports numbered 1-100.

Here is the link if you’re interested: http://reports1-100.tumblr.com/

And a sample:


Dear Commander:

Landed safely. No problems

with life support and the moon

was not the problem we anticipated.

There is life on this planet

and judging from the size and

apathy it is viral

and spreads quickly. All precautions

will be taken. More later.


They called her Alice

Until they found the body

Buried in the mud.

Things I am Thinking About Today

(image from adventure-Journal.com)

(image from adventure-Journal.com)

Right now I am thinking of sitting behind you in the car on a frosty night the cooler digging into my side my face cooling on the window glass my puffy coat makes swishing noises in the quiet car that blot out Harvest’s harmonica and the saw-mill snores of dad in the front seat and the soft little snuffles my brother makes beside me curled up against his own particular pillow his breath too frosting on the glass we are climbing the air thinning and the trees creaking silent in the wind it is so cold you can see every star between the peaks of the baby Catskills around us and the valleys of trees that drop sharply to our left on the other side of the thin barrier that guards our tiny switchback roads.

“Look,” you say and the car slows slightly “on the right. Is the waterfall frozen?”

I look the road is bending sharply and in its crease there is a small rocky crevice over which ice flow has frozen in white and moon-blue that gleam against the dark still night and the black pine trees around us.

“Yes.” I lean over Daniel to better see the icicles fat as tree branches and the flow of water in motion trapped in the cold night it is beautiful it glows like a cave filled with quartz we once visited with the dog tucked into the front of your jacket and only her tiny white head peeking out.

“Wow,” I add and it’s not enough but that’s all I’ve got you nod and get back to watching the sharp turns of the road and slowly we ascend beyond the waterfall to a cliff where the world falls away and winter is king I fidget and tuck my feet in tighter and reach for the bag of doritos we only ever eat in car trips they make a crunching sound and drop orange crumbs on the seat around me as you switch from Harvest to Rumours and the mountains grow larger and fill with quiet myths and the silent music of the stars.

Huxley vs. Orwell: The Webcomic

Originally posted on Biblioklept:

Stuart McMillen’s webcomic adapts (and updates) Postman’s famous book-length essay, Amusing Ourselves to Death, which argues that Aldous Huxley’s vision of the future in Brave New World was ultimately more accurate than the one proposed by George Orwell in 1984. (Via).

View original

Paths Series Reviews & Features!

Path of Needles was featured on Free eBooks Daily! 


…which led to me downloading an obscene number of new ebooks. They have a 99 cents section as well, it’s a little dangerous.

A review of Path of Pins was also posted to one of my favorite blogs, Thrill Reads and Reviews! If you remember, they reviewed Path of Needles as well. Heck yeah.

Finally, and I forgot to post this last year, but Path of Needles was also listed on True Colorz Reading List. True Colorz lists books with LGBTQ characters–it’s a pretty cool site! Have a look if you’re interested in LGBTQ story-lines.

PS: Path of Needles, Juniper, and To Wake the Shadows are all still free this weekend!

PPS: And Path of Pins is only 2.99! 

Path of Pins


Today is the day! FINAL-path-of-pins-coverBOOK LAUNCH!

Go to Amazon.com to download my new novel, Path of Pins! And if you haven’t yet read the first in the series, Path of Needles, you can download that as well–for free!

There’s more information and music, extra short stories and art, at my website, HannahKollef.com.

Here’s a summary of the novel:

“Everything we thought—everything they told us, every secret our supposed guardians shared—was a lie. They told me to find the Rose Queen, that stopping her would halt the catastrophe. They told me that she was trying to kill us all. They were wrong. They lied. And the truth?

The Fey are still dead. My father is still missing. And no one can be trusted.

Now it’s up to me & my best friend Jim to save the world, find my dad, and discover what happened to Roger. First, we have to run from those trying to control us. And then?

There’s only one thing left for me to do:

Kill the demon Koschei.

Make it hurt.

My name is Kat Finnegan, and this is the part where everything burns.”


Free Downloads!


As you may or may not know, Path of Pins is coming out tomorrow.

*blows noise makers, sets off streamers, atmosphere is generally festive*

In celebration of the launch, all of my novels on Amazon.com are free to download from today until Sunday. Yes, that includes Path of Needles, so if you want to read it before reading Path of Pins you can do so for free! 

I’m getting very excited for this launch. :D :D



Right now, Path of Needles is #13 in free Teen & Young Adult Fairy Tales & Folklore for kindle! Image


Quick Question From a Starving Author!

Hey guys,

I have  a quick favor to ask you. I’m self-published on Amazon.com and I’m looking to expand the platforms my book is available on. Anyone out there use Smashwords to download ebooks? Or is there another platform you prefer?

Answer in the comments, and I will respond with an appropriate picture of Nicolas Cage.

ANAKA NicPlato

Free Downloads Start Tomorrow! Also, PATH OF PINS HITS IN 2 DAYS AND I AM SUPER EXCITED. AHHH.

To celebrate Friday’s launch of Path of Pins (2 DAYS), starting tomorrow it’s once again FREE DOWNLOAD TIME over on Amazon.com!


I mean, not for everything. Just for my stuff.

Sorry if that was misleading.





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