Book Launch Day! Announcing…The Danger in Bohemia

So let me start off by saying: NEVER plan to be traveling on the day your book gets launched! Big mistake.

That out of the way…




The Danger in Bohemia has been published!

Dreamspinner Press ebook | Dreamspinner Press paperback | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | ARe


I can’t believe it’s here already. It has been a really crazy year–moving yet AGAIN from South Korea to the UK, starting an intense Master’s program, and seeing my first officially published novel! I’ve been running for so long that this has really smacked me in the face. If that makes sense.

Thank you to everyone at Dreamspinner Press who has been supportive of me, and to my friends and family who made this possible. I can’t say how much I appreciate everything you’ve all done for me.

I’ve had a few advanced reviews already. Here’s a small sampling!

At a Glance: Very well written, with a good pace, some surprises, and is a definite page turner.”  -

“…the story has good bones, an interesting premise with likable characters, and a suitable bad guy. I’ll look forward to checking out something else from the author.” -




Introducing–The Danger in Bohemia! First Guest Post

My Guest Post on MM Good Book Reviews!

Hey guys, here is my first guest post to celebrate my new book, The Danger in Bohemia! I give lots of tidbits about the inspiration behind my Thriller Romance. Check it out –and make sure to answer the question at the end!


You can pre-order The Danger in Bohemia here:

Dreamspinner Press ebook | Dreamspinner Press paperback | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | ARe

Coming March 23rd!

Free Downloads Start Tomorrow! Also, PATH OF PINS HITS IN 2 DAYS AND I AM SUPER EXCITED. AHHH.

To celebrate Friday’s launch of Path of Pins (2 DAYS), starting tomorrow it’s once again FREE DOWNLOAD TIME over on!

I mean, not for everything. Just for my stuff.

Sorry if that was misleading.




What’s That? Only 10 Days Till Path of Pins?!? …Also updates on yesterday’s propaganda

Path of Pins launches in 10 days!


I already have one review on Goodreads–four stars! So that is also adding to my probably-too-much excitement.

If you’d like something to do while you literally pine for my book, check out some of the extras on my website–starting with the music, including an original song by the talented Julie Slonecki!


In other news, I showed one of my students the strange book I found and it turns out she can read Russian!

Apparently the book was published “for students, professors of language, and philologists.” It was also published in Moscow, in 1972.

Hello USSR!

How cool is that? My student was baffled by the book. She said it was very strange, not only because it had ended up in the Czech Republic but because the Soviets had allowed it to be published at all. The editor of the book was a Russian woman.

I also did a little research on O. Henry, and found an article on JSTOR which claims that O.Henry was one of the most popular authors in the Soviet Union, and his work is in fact a “minor classic” in Russia.


So, learn something new everyday, folks. I guess that’s today’s message.

Anyways, go look at my website. It’s really pretty, I promise.

Like, so pretty.


Path of Pins

Hey y’all!

ARC copies are taking just a few more days than I thought! Ran into some problems with the layout but am almost done. Expect them ASAP 🙂

I’m getting excited for this launch! I think you’re gonna like Path of Pins.

PS: Advance review copies are still available–comment if you’d like one!

Matt Smith is totes excited for Path of Pins, y'all

Matt Smith is totes excited for Path of Pins, y’all




Click on the cover image to get your free copy of Juniper from!



From the book:

“Words drip like diamonds from your lips…”

Time storms travel across North America. Prague’s lonely statues come to life, hunting new members to watch over the city. Little girls hunt for needles & nettles in sidewalk cracks. And in one small apartment in New York City, the Fey gather to mourn one of their own.

The world is a stranger place than you know.

Fans of science fiction, urban fantasy and Grimm’s fairy tales will enjoy these short stories and poems from Hannah Kollef, author of “Path of Needles” and “To Wake the Shadows.” “Juniper” also includes an exclusive, never-before seen prequel to “Path of Needles.”

10 Hours In, and All Is Well.

So far the promotion is going very well! Path of Needles & To Wake the Shadows have both been  boosted in the rankings.

Didn’t get your downloads yet? There’s still tomorrow! And tomorrow also sees the launch of my new short-story / poetry collection, Juniper.

For now, check out here for free fantasy books, written by moi! 

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