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I am a graduate student at City University London, pursuing my Masters Degree in Library Science. I’m also an author, and have written three young adult novels, a collection of short stories, and had a few stories published in anthologies. Most of my writing is of the urban-fantasy persuasion, as well as thriller-romance. You can learn more about my writing at my author website, HannahKollef.com.

Currently working as a Library Assistant at The Guardian here in London and loving it. I help archive weekend papers, which requires great attention to detail and the application of metadata in the form of searchable prepends. Metadata and creation of taxonomies are my jam (organizing information, really. I’m in the right field). I love learning more about the technology that is becoming so important to the modern library and archiving world, and am currently taking place in the excellent Library Carpentry series at City that teaches software skills to library professionals. Part of this means using Twitter, possibly too much. You can find me @braveworldgirl

My previous work experience includes a public library and a university library, specifically in the Circulation and Technical Services departments. I’ve also spent roughly three years teaching English (got my Trinity CertTESOL in 2013) in Prague, CZ and South Korea. I look forward to applying the communication, program-creating, and leadership skills I gained as a NET to my career in Information and Library Sciences.

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