Book Launch Day! Announcing…The Danger in Bohemia

So let me start off by saying: NEVER plan to be traveling on the day your book gets launched! Big mistake.

That out of the way…




The Danger in Bohemia has been published!

Dreamspinner Press ebook | Dreamspinner Press paperback | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | ARe


I can’t believe it’s here already. It has been a really crazy year–moving yet AGAIN from South Korea to the UK, starting an intense Master’s program, and seeing my first officially published novel! I’ve been running for so long that this has really smacked me in the face. If that makes sense.

Thank you to everyone at Dreamspinner Press who has been supportive of me, and to my friends and family who made this possible. I can’t say how much I appreciate everything you’ve all done for me.

I’ve had a few advanced reviews already. Here’s a small sampling!

At a Glance: Very well written, with a good pace, some surprises, and is a definite page turner.”  -

“…the story has good bones, an interesting premise with likable characters, and a suitable bad guy. I’ll look forward to checking out something else from the author.” -




New Twitter! But follow the old for LIS.

So after a lot of thinking (and consulting with some trusted friends and mentors) I’ve decided to split my professional and romance-writing selves into two twitter accounts. My main account, @braveworldgirl, will be kept for All Things Library/Information Science simply because I’ve already made so many connections there while doing this master’s program. For my writing, I’ve started a new twitter, @HEKollef (primarily romance writing at the moment).

And yes, I do wish I’d made this decision before sending out my first two blog tour posts for this book. Ah well. Many an email to write, a website to update.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled LIS programming with a link to a really excellent article about Big Data and education:

Your High School Transcript Could Haunt You Forever: How big data could create an inescapable “permanent record”

This article articulates (does that count as a pun? alliteration?) all of my fears about Big Data and the modern move towards increasing data collection. I understand the benefits, especially for and LIS sector fighting to prove its (considerable!) worth. But I can’t help but be uneasy at the implications of all this data collection. What happens when your past can no longer be forgotten? Should we not learn a lesson from the prisoners, released from prison in the USA, only to be unable to get jobs or start new lives because of the records that follow them around?

In an age of big data, do we lose our Right to be Forgotten not through choice but because it’s simply no longer possible to accomplish (recent legislation illustrates the difficulty of maintaining this right, even with legal backing)? Is it ethical to collect data for analysis when you know that the government might pass legislation that could violate individual’s rights that you, the librarian, have been taught to protect? Where does convenience run into the wall of personal privacy?

A lot of questions, and no answers, I know. Chime in below if you’ve any opinions on this.

Introducing–The Danger in Bohemia! First Guest Post

My Guest Post on MM Good Book Reviews!

Hey guys, here is my first guest post to celebrate my new book, The Danger in Bohemia! I give lots of tidbits about the inspiration behind my Thriller Romance. Check it out –and make sure to answer the question at the end!


You can pre-order The Danger in Bohemia here:

Dreamspinner Press ebook | Dreamspinner Press paperback | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | ARe

Coming March 23rd!


This has nothing to do with my post. It is a picture I took in Japan, of a giant robot, as seen through wheat. ENJOY.

I’m having a wonderful Sunday here at Author Central*. The weather is gorgeous. My computer has a full battery charge, allowing me to work outside. I’ve also be in contact with my wonderful editor this AM and she is just the most helpful person in the entire world. It’s a constant surprise to me how nice people in this business are. Everyone I’ve spoken to/worked with, whether they were authors, editors, freelancers or high profile publishers, has been extraordinarily kind even when they rejected me. How many industries can say the same thing?

Not sure on that one, actually. Maybe the music business is surprisingly fun. Maybe dancers get baskets of low-fat muffins when they’re turned down for parts.

(I just spilled coffee all over my leg but can’t bring myself to mind. Does coffee have any properties that are good for the skin? Hmm? Cosmo regularly tells me to smear yogurt and egg whites on my face to tighten my pores. Perhaps coffee has similar properties.)

On the book front: Nothing new to report, not really. The website continues to grow and be SO AWESOME. Y’all are in for a surprise, let me tell you. I’m incorporating edits into my final manuscript, and then it’s just a last read-over by myself and my editor before I can format it. For Amazon? you ask. Yes; but also for iBook and pdf. This series is diversifying. I’m stretching to hopefully reach a broader audience. Keep your fingers crossed.

Back to work for me!!! Someone today called Twitter her “office water cooler.” I have a lot of office water coolers**.

*My mother’s house

**Ways to procrastinate.


Pimpin' ain't easy.

Got a very nice review from InD’Tale magazine! That’s the online magazine I was telling ya’ll about earlier, remember? They rated To Wake the Shadows as 3.5 out of 5 stars, and praised the suspense and horror scenes. I’m feeling pretty good right now, folks. Ready to get out there and seize the literary day!


To Wake the Shadows Updates

Cool stuff is happening. For instance: To Wake the Shadows has already been bought from the Hobart bookshop I told y’all about! Plus my old high school, SHS, is writing an article about my book/me in their school newspaper.  I know that’s a small thing, but as an author it’s kind of a cool feeling.

Other than that, I’ve been spending my time sending out Agent Queries for my new book, currently titled Path of Needles. Wish me luck!

Speaking of which, I really gotta get back to that. Ciao!

To Wake the Shadows at Wm. H. Adams Antiquarian Books


Yup! That’s my novel, To Wake the Shadows, on display at Wm. H. Adams Antiquarian Books in Hobart, NY. The store is a member of the Hobart book village- they have five different bookstores on one street! If you happen to be in the Catskills this weekend, go by and check it out. The Adams store usually sells classics and out of print, antiquarian books, so it’s a great place to go if you are a collector. They’re having a big sale over Memorial Day weekend, too! 

As an author, it is very exciting for me to see my book in a real bookstore. I’m pretty happy right now. 

InDtale Magazine

Hey people,

I’m passing along a notice I got on InDtale is a new magazine with news and reviews for self-published authors (like, I dunno, me!). I think it’s a great idea! We indy writers need all the press we can get, and I am dying for something new to read.  They are also giving away free subscriptions for awhile. So, ya’ll should check it out.

Here’s the official notice I got:

Subscriptions to InD’Tale magazine are free until it launches it’s first issue in May, AND when you sign up, you’re entered to win a huge gift bag worth over $250.00! Check it out

For authors: InD’Tale magazine is also accepting YA books for review in it’s flagship issue. If you are interested in having your book included, just e-mail me at: 🙂

The Trailer is Finally Here!

Yes! You read that correctly. After what is literally months of work, the trailer for To Wake the Shadows is ready.

My friend Alan, who is a technical wizard, helped me make it. I wish I could convey how long we spent in Garageband trying to get the background noise juuuuuuust right, but…alas. Let’s just say that I have a MUCH better understanding of Garageband and iMovie than I did in February.

You can see it here:

To Wake the Shadows Trailer

I’ve also added a link to it in my navigation bar, as you eagle-eyed readers must have already spotted. Exciting!

Fun Trivia:

  • The trailer was filmed in my basement- the source of inspiration for all the creepy stuff in To Wake the Shadows.
  • The girl walking down the stairs- my ‘Mary’- is the same as the one pictured on the cover.

To Wake the Shadows- Now in Print!

Aww yeah, son.

It’s here, folks.

My novel, To Wake the Shadows, in print.

You can read it anywhere- no electricity required. It’s sexy, I know. Look at that shiny cover. It’s even better when you get to know it, I promise. There is an ISBN number, and an author bio, and beautifully formatted pages.

You can purchase this masterpiece at McNally They will print it for you, hot off their Espresso Book Machine, and ship it to your wonderful home.

Here is a link:

This is the book your book could smell like.


<– The inside. Imagine this, but in cream.