Juniper–coming soon!!!


It’s official- Juniper launches July 13th, 2013. 


Containing short stories & poems, Juniper  will be my third foray into the self-publishing world. Everything in this collection is either brand new or heavily edited, by both me and the wonderful Tricia Kristufek.  Most of the collection has urban fantasy themes, with an emphasis on fairytales.

Juniper also includes a brand new story from the Paths universe, titled After the Funeral. Details about Hank’s mysterious past will be shared–along with clues to the events in Path of Pins, the upcoming second novel in the Paths ‘verse (coming December 2013).

Review copies are being sent out this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled over the next month! Also listen up for promotions. I heard that someone might be offering Path of Needles for free on the launch weekend….*hint hint*

And if you can’t hold your excitement till then, head on over to my website for extra Paths-verse goodies.






Super Exciting Book Fun Time Announcement!

I’ve been teasing that I might have a surprise waiting for y’all this summer.

No, it’s not Path of Pins– that’s still coming out in the winter, folks. But it is a book.

“WHAAAT?” you may be exclaiming right now. “We haven’t heard of this!”

Well you’re hearing it now!


This summer, I’m releasing a new short story and poem collection. Titled Juniper, it will feature about a dozen poems with urban fantasy themes, as well as 5 short stories- most of which are either completely re-written or have never been published. And for those fans of Path of Needles, there will also be a special short story featuring Hank & Mrs. Corboy–which may or may not contain very important clues to their origins, and the plot of Path of Pins. 

Here’s a sneak peak at the Table of Contents:

  1. night flight
  2. Time Slip
  3. bitch, please
  4. Stone Fingers
  5. nice try, buddy
  6. Zeus
  7. grimm
  8. After the Funeral
  9. Father Time
  10. Mr. Fox
  11. crow feathers
  12. once upon a time there was a child…
  13. premonition
  14. Pompeii
  15. we came home
  16. night flight continued

I have just emailed the stories to Tricia Kristufek, my fantastamistic editor (yes, I did make up a new adjective. She is that good). Expect a digital release mid-July.


(Ps: No, not the final cover above! Just, y’know, an announcement thingie. Because I like to play with photoshop).