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Path of Needles was featured on Free eBooks Daily! 


…which led to me downloading an obscene number of new ebooks. They have a 99 cents section as well, it’s a little dangerous.

A review of Path of Pins was also posted to one of my favorite blogs, Thrill Reads and Reviews! If you remember, they reviewed Path of Needles as well. Heck yeah.

Finally, and I forgot to post this last year, but Path of Needles was also listed on True Colorz Reading List. True Colorz lists books with LGBTQ characters–it’s a pretty cool site! Have a look if you’re interested in LGBTQ story-lines.

PS: Path of Needles, Juniper, and To Wake the Shadows are all still free this weekend!

PPS: And Path of Pins is only 2.99! 


Path of Pins


Today is the day! FINAL-path-of-pins-coverBOOK LAUNCH!

Go to to download my new novel, Path of Pins! And if you haven’t yet read the first in the series, Path of Needles, you can download that as well–for free!

There’s more information and music, extra short stories and art, at my website,

Here’s a summary of the novel:

“Everything we thought—everything they told us, every secret our supposed guardians shared—was a lie. They told me to find the Rose Queen, that stopping her would halt the catastrophe. They told me that she was trying to kill us all. They were wrong. They lied. And the truth?

The Fey are still dead. My father is still missing. And no one can be trusted.

Now it’s up to me & my best friend Jim to save the world, find my dad, and discover what happened to Roger. First, we have to run from those trying to control us. And then?

There’s only one thing left for me to do:

Kill the demon Koschei.

Make it hurt.

My name is Kat Finnegan, and this is the part where everything burns.”


Free Downloads!


As you may or may not know, Path of Pins is coming out tomorrow.

*blows noise makers, sets off streamers, atmosphere is generally festive*

In celebration of the launch, all of my novels on are free to download from today until Sunday. Yes, that includes Path of Needles, so if you want to read it before reading Path of Pins you can do so for free! 

I’m getting very excited for this launch. 😀 😀



Right now, Path of Needles is #13 in free Teen & Young Adult Fairy Tales & Folklore for kindle! Image


Free Downloads Start Tomorrow! Also, PATH OF PINS HITS IN 2 DAYS AND I AM SUPER EXCITED. AHHH.

To celebrate Friday’s launch of Path of Pins (2 DAYS), starting tomorrow it’s once again FREE DOWNLOAD TIME over on!

I mean, not for everything. Just for my stuff.

Sorry if that was misleading.




What’s That? Only 10 Days Till Path of Pins?!? …Also updates on yesterday’s propaganda

Path of Pins launches in 10 days!


I already have one review on Goodreads–four stars! So that is also adding to my probably-too-much excitement.

If you’d like something to do while you literally pine for my book, check out some of the extras on my website–starting with the music, including an original song by the talented Julie Slonecki!


In other news, I showed one of my students the strange book I found and it turns out she can read Russian!

Apparently the book was published “for students, professors of language, and philologists.” It was also published in Moscow, in 1972.

Hello USSR!

How cool is that? My student was baffled by the book. She said it was very strange, not only because it had ended up in the Czech Republic but because the Soviets had allowed it to be published at all. The editor of the book was a Russian woman.

I also did a little research on O. Henry, and found an article on JSTOR which claims that O.Henry was one of the most popular authors in the Soviet Union, and his work is in fact a “minor classic” in Russia.


So, learn something new everyday, folks. I guess that’s today’s message.

Anyways, go look at my website. It’s really pretty, I promise.

Like, so pretty.


Hello HQ readers! Additionally, I may have accidentally purchased Communist propaganda.

Welcome to my site! I was really excited to be featured on this month’s HQ Quarterly, a fine publication back in my home state of New Jersey.


Isn’t it nice?

 As you can see, I’m gearing up for the release of the newest book in my Paths series, Path of Pins.  The story takes place in Manhattan and Prague, and follows Kat Finnegan as she discovers that there’s more to the world–and her family–than she’d ever thought possible.  

Path of Pins launches on March 14th, but you can learn more about the series by clicking on the Paths tag below. If you’re here for more poetry (in which case I’m flattered!) try the poetry tag. 

Which brings me (kind of not really but hey, non-sequitors are fun) to the second part of today’s post: Communism. 

For those not in the know, I’m currently living & teaching English in Prague, in the Czech Republic. On my way to work this morning I ran across a used bookstore with 5 kc books for sale. Combing through, I found a couple of ancient books in English, one of which was a thin volume of O. Henry stories. I bought them both, not really looking at them too hard. I may or may not have been late for work. 



Imagine my surprise when I take out my O. Henry book on the metro, and find this on the back:


Yup–that’s Cyrillic script, and by my deductions, Russian. You can see that its also from 1972, when Czechoslovakia was in the throws of USSR rule. And then there’s these quotes from the preface:

“This book comprises 15 stories…which are…unknown to the broad English reading circles in the USSR.”

Ok, USSR? Check. And the audience is clearly English speakers (probably non-native) from the USSR, which would have included Czechoslovakia at the time. 

“…these stories show the grim realities of the American mode of life where the dollar rules supreme.”

Anti-capitalist, and targeting America specifically? Double check. 

“…but they all [characters] in their own way reveal the essence of bourgeouis society & the laws that govern it.”

Oooh, bringin’ out the ‘b’ word. Classy, text. Very socialist-republic of you. 

Finally, to hammer home the message:

“…if this book has awakened a new interest in the reader for [O.Henry]…hitherto known just as a brilliant humorist but not as a relentless exposer of capitalist America, the work has not been done in vain.”


So, yeah. Best find ever? Best find ever. My guess is that this was circulated amongst language students as an example of a native text that was also palatable to the anti-capitalist crowd. Here’s my question now: was O.Henry a socialist? Or are his works being appropriated here? 

I don’t know but this was definitely the best thing I’ve bought in this country. Perhaps ever. It’s real history, man! 

If only the publication information wasn’t in Russian, I might be able to find out more. On the front cover it does say “Home-Reading Library.” A clue? Perhaps. 


ARC Copies Are Sent!!!

If you’re waiting for your copy of Path of Pins and you haven’t received it yet, it’s because I’m terribly unorganized and I am really, really sorry. Please message me here or on Goodreads & I’ll take care of any problems ASAP.

And that’s a guarantee *insert cheesy smile & car salesman-style finger-guns*

Seriously though, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all y’all reviewers. You guys are the best, and you’re so important to what I do. So thank you! 

There’s still time if anyone would like an ARC. Again, shoot me a message on WordPress or Goodreads & I’ll send you a book. I’ll even send you the first one as well, if you haven’t read it. That’s, like, at least six* hours of free entertainment. 

Thank you so much, guys. I hope you are all very successful in whatever you decide to do this week. 

All the best, 





*Estimates may vary, depending on level of interest, WPM, and reading skillz.