Paths Series Reviews & Features!

Path of Needles was featured on Free eBooks Daily! 


…which led to me downloading an obscene number of new ebooks. They have a 99 cents section as well, it’s a little dangerous.

A review of Path of Pins was also posted to one of my favorite blogs, Thrill Reads and Reviews! If you remember, they reviewed Path of Needles as well. Heck yeah.

Finally, and I forgot to post this last year, but Path of Needles was also listed on True Colorz Reading List. True Colorz lists books with LGBTQ characters–it’s a pretty cool site! Have a look if you’re interested in LGBTQ story-lines.

PS: Path of Needles, Juniper, and To Wake the Shadows are all still free this weekend!

PPS: And Path of Pins is only 2.99! 


Free Downloads!


As you may or may not know, Path of Pins is coming out tomorrow.

*blows noise makers, sets off streamers, atmosphere is generally festive*

In celebration of the launch, all of my novels on are free to download from today until Sunday. Yes, that includes Path of Needles, so if you want to read it before reading Path of Pins you can do so for free! 

I’m getting very excited for this launch. 😀 😀



Right now, Path of Needles is #13 in free Teen & Young Adult Fairy Tales & Folklore for kindle! Image


Free Downloads Start Tomorrow! Also, PATH OF PINS HITS IN 2 DAYS AND I AM SUPER EXCITED. AHHH.

To celebrate Friday’s launch of Path of Pins (2 DAYS), starting tomorrow it’s once again FREE DOWNLOAD TIME over on!

I mean, not for everything. Just for my stuff.

Sorry if that was misleading.




Path of Pins

Hey y’all!

ARC copies are taking just a few more days than I thought! Ran into some problems with the layout but am almost done. Expect them ASAP 🙂

I’m getting excited for this launch! I think you’re gonna like Path of Pins.

PS: Advance review copies are still available–comment if you’d like one!

Matt Smith is totes excited for Path of Pins, y'all

Matt Smith is totes excited for Path of Pins, y’all

Sale on Mah Book! is having a book sale for Black Friday! Enter the promocode “Bookdeal” for 30% off ANY book…including mine. Good time to pick up your copy of Path of Needles! Now, instead of the ridiculously oh-god-how-will-I-feed-myself price of $.99, you can have it for…uh…whatever 30% off of 1.99 is. Or Juniper! Also 30% off $.99!


Go get it now, people.


I’m so hungry.