Any Beta Readers Out There?

Hey world!

I have just finished the first draft of Path of Pins, sequel to my first novel, Path of Needles, and now I’m looking for beta readers to give it a first look before I edit it (and again, and again) and send it off to my editor. Anyone interested? It would help if you read Path of Needles first, but if you haven’t I’ll give you a free copy of that, too.

It would probably be best if you have an interest in urban fantasy, fairy tales, or young adult books skewed towards an older audience. There’s a lot of magic and borrowed fairy tale characters in these  books, and action, and mystery. YEAH!

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From the book:

“Words drip like diamonds from your lips…”

Time storms travel across North America. Prague’s lonely statues come to life, hunting new members to watch over the city. Little girls hunt for needles & nettles in sidewalk cracks. And in one small apartment in New York City, the Fey gather to mourn one of their own.

The world is a stranger place than you know.

Fans of science fiction, urban fantasy and Grimm’s fairy tales will enjoy these short stories and poems from Hannah Kollef, author of “Path of Needles” and “To Wake the Shadows.” “Juniper” also includes an exclusive, never-before seen prequel to “Path of Needles.”

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Today and tomorrow, you can get this! Path of Needles (Paths)_ Hannah Kollef_ Amazon.com_ BooksAnd this!

New To Wake…Cover

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Then go here and look at all kinds of really neat stuff- including playlists, commissioned art, and fairy-tale stuff for my fairy tale nerds 😀 


And get excited, for tomorrow we have the launch of Juniper!



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