I Don’t Even Lift Bruh.

Man I agree 100%. Frickin gym shaming!


im not sure whether it’s because im trying to become mobile again or it’s just that im nostalgic about moving back to my hometown, but recently ive been going on 5 miles walks on my days off this summer. Im not doing high knees the entire time, walking at any steady pace, or wearing under armor with no armor…im just playing tourist and trying to enjoy the weather before it’s winter again and I have to become everyone’s arch nemesis again.

the other day I decided to stop and buy a hot dog around mile #2, why i decided to do this is none of your business, but as soon as I get my chili dog (yes I got a chili dog, get over it…i didnt feel it wasnt important to the story) i turn and see this BEAUTIFUL woman walking across the street from me.

Her hair was up…

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