Dear Commander

Hey all,

Dear Commander 8. is up!



Dear Commander:

Let me tell you of the trees.

An ingenious gas exchange system

working in tandem with the carbon producers

much like our Targoliths but ….

Read the rest on my Tumblr Page.


In other news, no I haven’t disappeared, and yes I AM working on the next book! Sort of. I’ve taken a little creative break from the Paths series to work on a one-shot middle grade novel for children. I’m halfway through this current project, after which I promise to return to the Paths. But in order to create the best books possible, I needed to recharge my juices with a new, small project.

Man, I’ve been working on these books for 3 years now? 4? Time for a little switch up.

Anyways, that’s the State of the Author at the moment.

I’m also getting ready to leave Prague for…dun dun dunnnn…South Korea! I’ll be moving there to teach English in August, and as you can guess this involves a LOT of paperwork.

It’s been busy but fun. I’ll try and keep ya updated.

In the meantime, enjoy the poetry. Or hate it. Your interpretation is your own!


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