What’s That? Only 10 Days Till Path of Pins?!? …Also updates on yesterday’s propaganda

Path of Pins launches in 10 days!


I already have one review on Goodreads–four stars! So that is also adding to my probably-too-much excitement.

If you’d like something to do while you literally pine for my book, check out some of the extras on my website–starting with the music, including an original song by the talented Julie Slonecki!


In other news, I showed one of my students the strange book I found and it turns out she can read Russian!

Apparently the book was published “for students, professors of language, and philologists.” It was also published in Moscow, in 1972.

Hello USSR!

How cool is that? My student was baffled by the book. She said it was very strange, not only because it had ended up in the Czech Republic but because the Soviets had allowed it to be published at all. The editor of the book was a Russian woman.

I also did a little research on O. Henry, and found an article on JSTOR which claims that O.Henry was one of the most popular authors in the Soviet Union, and his work is in fact a “minor classic” in Russia.


So, learn something new everyday, folks. I guess that’s today’s message.

Anyways, go look at my website. It’s really pretty, I promise.

Like, so pretty.



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