ARC Copies Available Soon


Path-of-Pins-BannerHey internet,

I’m getting my final draft of Path of Pins ready. Anyone interested in an ARC? I would send it to you in two weeks–along with a copy of Path of Needles, if you haven’t read it already. Here is the synopsis (synopses? this is why I have an editor) for Path of Pins if you’re interested:

“Everything we thought—everything they told us, every secret our supposed guardians shared—was a lie. They told me to find the Rose Queen, that stopping her would halt the catastrophe. They told me that she was trying to kill us all. They were wrong. They lied. And the truth?

The Fey are still dead. My father is still missing. And no one can be trusted.

Now it’s up to me & my best friend Jim to save the world, find my dad, and discover what happened to Roger. First, we have to run from those trying to control us. And then?

There’s only one thing left for me to do:

Kill the demon Koschei.

Make it hurt.

My name is Kat Finnegan, and this is the part where everything burns.”

Comment below with your preferred file format (kindle, microsoft word, etc) if you’d like a copy! 


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