Path of Pins Cover Reveal

Path of Pins
 has a cover, guys! It’s officially here! !!!!! 

And a launch date— Path of Pins will be available on on March 14th, 2014. 


Here’s the summary:

Path of Pins

Everything we thought—everything they told us, every secret our supposed guardians shared—was a lie. They told me to find the Rose Queen, that stopping her would halt the catastrophe. They told me that she was trying to kill us all. They were wrong. They lied. And the truth?

The Fey are still dead. My father is still missing. And no one can be trusted.

 Now it’s up to me & my best friend Jim to save the world, find my dad, and discover what happened to Roger. First, we have to run from those trying to control us. And then?

There’s only one thing left for me to do:

Kill the demon Koschei.

Make it hurt.

My name is Kat Finnegan, and this is the part where everything burns.


PS: Haven’t read Path of Needles yet? Check it out on here! 


One thought on “Path of Pins Cover Reveal

  1. Hey Hannah – congratulations!!! The cover looks great – as I am sure the content will be. I will mark the date on my calendar.

    I am closer to you that you think! Am in Munich till tomorrow visiting with Monika and her parents and am returning home tomorrow. I’ve been here since last Thursday for a quick weekend visit. We’ve been mainly occupied with eating and drinking and otherwise having a lovely time. I even got a lesson today from Bernhard how to drive a manual transmission since they had rented a car year, otherwise no one wants to let you near their personal car to each you. As expected, there was a bit of gear grinding involved. I won’t be going out on the open road any time soon with a manual transmission.

    Any further news where you will land next. Maybe we can skype some time so I can hear more, I still haven’t forgotten your request for Thai recipes but I somehow haven’t gotten around to it yet (what a surprise). Will try to do once I have a few quiet moments at home.

    Seeing your mother next week, which is nice since she had to cancel he last few times we tried to get together. Hopefully she is starting to feel better.

    Please send best wishes to Liam.



    Sent from my iPad


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