September 11, And The Weather Is Beautiful


Hey guys.

It’s that time of year again–September 11th. It’s a bit strange to pass the day in a foreign country, and I wonder what footage they’ll show in America. It’s been 12 years, now. Has the sting of the day faded? I’m not sure. It’s weird to think how many children are out there that have never seen the Twin Towers.

Today, my little brother graduates from his training program in the US Army. It’s a fitting day for a graduation. I’m so proud of him. Listening to his stories from training–the sheer physical trials, the psychological remolding, the essential strengthening required to be in the army–has wowed me again and again. I don’t always agree with the decisions America makes, but I am thankful for our soldiers. It’s a tough job. You guys earn your leave.

I was going to talk about my new students today–I’m working in some pretty cool places, including the Czech Senate, which has an albino peacock, and an old bank once used as a Gestapo headquarters that now holds the Ministry of Industry and Trade- but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Instead, I’m going to link to an entry I wrote in May of 2011, on the day we killed Bin Laden (originally found on my old blog, BraveWorldGirl).  Do I still feel the same? I’m not sure. I don’t think I’m comfortable claiming that a man’s death brought me happiness. And the death of Bin Laden seems to pale in the current climate, when a new war with Syria is just a few button presses away. And yet… Well. Give it a read if you want.

Then go have a nice day, ok? Hug someone. Save a kitten from the subway tracks. Think some happy thoughts. We could all use a few more of those. 

(It’s a beautiful day outside, by the way. Totally gorgeous mid-fall weather. Lest this post get too gloomy!)


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