Cover Reveal!

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Today we’re taking a little break from the travel/recipe/writer stuff to bring you something special.

I’m really excited to participate in Rose Candis’ cover reveal. Her memoir, Under the Bed Across the World, debuts September 6th, and isn’t it just gorgeous? I think it’s  one of the most elegant covers I’ve seen. Rose, get me the name of your artist!

I’m sure you’d rather hear about the book itself than my blabbering, so here’s the book blurb for you:

Under the Bed Across the World, Rose’s poignant account of her journey from incest and addiction into recovery, is both tragic and humorous. Her account of how her sexually abusive Jewish father divided her loyalty between him, her mother, and herself provides a microcosm for how sexual abuse and addiction destroy the human family.  By confronting her past, Rose sheds her loyalty to her abusive relatives and creates her own unique family unit through international adoption.  The memoir raises the question: Can contentment be found after departure from the quagmire of toxicity?

It sounds like this book will be extremely powerful.

This isn’t my usual genre (as y’all know I like me some good fantasy-fiction) but I will definitely have to make an exception and get my hands on it. The premise reminds me a little bit of Jeannette Wall’s Glass Castle, another memoir of a troubled and sometimes abusive childhood.

My interest in Under the Bed… was peaked further by the author herself. Check out her bio below:

Rose Candis lives with her daughter Erica, fiance Patrick, step-daughter Lucy and two cats in Kentucky. She has a private psychotherapy practice where she specializes in eating disorders and trauma. In 2011, Rose returned to China in search of Erica’s birth mother. Since that time, their story has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, and The Pulitzer Center for Crisis reporting. Rose met with the Executive Congressional Commission on China in DC three times from 2012-2013 to encourage reform for more transparent adoptions in China.

Under the Bed Across the World launches on September 6th.


One thought on “Cover Reveal!

  1. I see DDJ’s influence in your reading choices. You should also try the prequel – Half Broke Horses. Love, AK


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