Sometimes English Teaching is Very Rewarding

Today I got a box of delicious, home-made Korean sushi from one of my students. This has now become the best student present ever, topping all previous gifts, which included:

A candy bar
A literal shopping bag full of instant coffee and chocolate products from the Milka company
2 water color paintings done by my student when she was at art school


I like it when they feed me. 

For those who didn’t know that Korean sushi was different than Japanese sushi (which included me up to an hour ago), Korean sushi is made with a fried fish paste, ham, and vegetables instead of raw fish. And gawd damn is it delicious! 


5 thoughts on “Sometimes English Teaching is Very Rewarding

  1. For me chocolate trumps sushi. But that was still a great gift. I am so happy you are having a great time and life has been treating you well.

  2. You should institute a “Bring Your Teacher a Treat” day and rotate it around your different classes so you are fed once a week by your grateful students ….

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