Once Upon a Time There Was a Princess, and She Had a Birthday.

Once upon a time there was a hot babe princess that would someday become King of the land of Nerdonia. 

Her name was D. Anne Revzoar, and she was a badass.

Diane and Phil King

D. Anne kicked butt in everything she did, especially when she assisted secret agents from the land of Britannia.

However, she never let them be sexist and was always standing up for women’s equality. As future King, she was totally against that shit.

Diane Daniel Craig

D. Anne was a totally rad woman. In her spare time, she fought for Truth and Justice but not the American Way, because although she respected her country she recognized that she lived in a global society and all life is inter-connected.

(Also she was from a Monarchy and therefore not America, so that’s irrelevant anyways)

Diane Family Royalty

The rest of the royal family was way rad. It included King Phil, Queen Bet See and Princess C. Juice.

The C. in Princess C. Juice stood for Cranberry, an ancient herb that Queen Bet See had given the youngest princess as a baby in order to save her from a vampire who was, luckily, allergic to said herb.

D. Anne also had a super-HAWT boy friend who got that she was a badass, and let her do her thing. His name was Sir Nicol-Ass the Great.

 In his spare time he took off his glasses and saved people from burning buildings.

Diane and Nick Super hero Hug

  When he wasn’t saving people or taking D. Anne on sweet dates he liked to draw. His pictures were  totally rad and D. Anne thought they were super cool.


Princess D. Anne also loved to go on adventures with her best friend, Hanzzanah. Together they explored uncharted territory in Nerdonia and fought dinosaurs and the occasional gorilla using non-violent, humane methods. They were against animal cruelty.

Occasionally D. Anne had to rally the rest of her gang of also-rad-peeps and fight aliens and stuff. They always won.


Badass spaceship explosion


-The End

Diane Flying

Also she could fly.

The end again.


5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time There Was a Princess, and She Had a Birthday.

  1. Don’t know how i found this story but homage to the whole royal family including the bad ass birthday girl who took the cranberry “herb” to guard against vampires. But Query? Is it also effective against zombies?

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