My Month of Writing Dangerously

Yeah, I also went to Germany for a week. And Austria. And then back to Prague. It was fantastic. Despite being a trip with my mother, aunt & cousin, there were also prostitutes.

(Full story coming soon. Promise!)

But now I am home! And man, it is good to be home. Much as I could have kept traveling forever, and I do mean forever–Germany was fantastic, and a country I’d love to return to–it’s also nice to be back in your house, knowwhatImean? Especially when you’re taking a month off of work to write and travel.

Yes, you know what that means: Path of Pins, I’m coming for YOU.

I’m taking the month of July to finish writing my first draft, and hopefully begin work on the re-writes. That way I can get the draft to TK (my fantabulous editor) in August and start working on the online campaign. I’m hoping for a December release date- and keep your eye on my website, too, for some extra goodies that will pop up there.

There’s also Juniper, my short story & poetry collection, which launches this weekend. And as a special promotion…


You can download all three of my books from, absolutely free.

Yep. I’ve temporarily given up on this whole “money making” thing. Now, I’m literally giving it away. This weekend only, guys. It’s pretty sweet. And don’t forget- Juniper has a brand new prequel to Path of Needles in it. Titled After the Funeral, the prequel goes into detail about Hank’s past– and leaves important clues for the stories to follow. 

(Need a Paths refresher? Go here)

I’m really, really excited, guys.

So far today I’ve made my cinnamon-chili coffee, had some cereal, and gotten out of bed (not in that order). Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to writing.




One thought on “My Month of Writing Dangerously

  1. Bazinga?? well all I can say in reply are the words of the immortal anonymous poet …..
    Soft kitty,
    Warm kitty,
    Little ball of fur.
    Happy kitty,
    Sleepy kitty,
    Purr Purr Purr

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