Few things are eerier than an empty airport


Or is that more eerie? One day a student will ask me this and I wont know the answer.

I’m on my way to Germany for a few weeks and I got to Vaclav havel about two hours too soon. Ive been wandering around trying to find people with mixed success. My wing of the ‘port had one other person when I got here, and he was sleeping on top of a bed of plastic bags. Not helping the eerie factor.

Airport questions :
Is dufry a clever blending of “duty free?”
Or is there someone out there with the last name dufry who just happened to dream of opening a chain of high quality duty free shops?


Who greenlit this ad? It looks silly.

How many cars do they actually sell by putting cars on display in the airport?

There are no bagels. Where fore art the bagels?

It is so much nicer to check in at European airports. Not really a question, more a complaint about amurikah.

Finally, why am I here so damn early?

Other thoughts:

I’ve watched the sunrise from plenty of airports and car windows. At some point all these early morning journeys blend into one. The hours between 3 and 5 are close together; they are a time bubble where the fabric is thin and years mush into one big blob. Now I am 23 traveling to Germany; now I am 11 , on my way to Greece; 22 and racing to my grandfather’s funeral; 19 and driving to the cape, my mom asleep next to me.I have seen this sun rise before.

Final question : duty free beckerovka. Good idea? Great idea?


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