Oh yeah, Fairy Tales ARE cool

Wondering about the stories in Path of Needles? Generally interested in pre-Disney fairy tales? Check out my guide to the original stories that inspired many of my characters on my website! 

And while you’re there, you can have a look at the art commissioned exclusively for the site. Who knows where it may take you… (that’s a hint. Click on the pictures, folks).

Here’s an excerpt:

Little Red Riding Hood as you know it today is based on a much older story, called “The Story of Grandmother.” Originally an oral peasant tale with many regional variations, “The Story of Grandmother” was heard and subsequently changed by famous fairy tale collector Charles Perrault and later by the Brothers Grimm. They white washed a lot of the inappropriate stuff (like the wolf telling Red to take off her clothes) and added a huntsman who shows up to save the day. In the original tale, Red was a lot spunkier, and with the help of some washerwomen saved her own butt.



John McCain says: “either check out this site or learn how to not be on fire.”


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