Another Day, Another Czech Adventure.

This time, it was a haircut. And like many adventures, this one did not end well.


After I walked out of the salon thinking, ‘maybe it’s not that bad.’


And then I looked at the picture. 

I mean, I’ve seen women here with curly hair. Maybe not as often as straight hair, but still, we exist, I am not some strange apparition out of a Czech hairdresser’s nightmare. As she was cutting I kept thinking, ‘okay, this is where it gets better. Right here. Nope, here. Heeeeeeere.’

And then,


I knew going in that getting a haircut from someone who doesn’t speak English would be taking a risk. I accepted that. This, however?

After blow drying my hair into a triangle, the hairdresser tried to fix the mess by adding gloss cream. Worst was the moment when our eyes met in the mirror. I think she could read the horror on my face, as she stood, hands buried in the mess, ineffectually trying to scrunch it into some semblance of order. She smiled weakly, then twisted one pathetic curl in the front and said, “good?” I nodded and ran out of there as soon as I possibly could. Everyone in the salon stared at me, and not in a good way. Maybe my horror story will prevent some other poor woman from  sharing my fate.


In Summary

Haircuts in the Czech Republic:

Salon price, Supercuts results. 


Next time I’m doing it myself.


2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Czech Adventure.

  1. Thanks for the heads up …. I’ll remember to get my hair cut before I come to Prague in a few weeks …. otherwise who knows what a coiffure disaster I might have encountered ….

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