“This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!”

Last night I had a dream that I went shopping for clothes, and as a bonus I received a free refrigerator from the clothing company. I brought it home and put it next to the 5000 k fridge we bought from Ikea. Vanessa, Liam and I looked at the fridge, then each other, and had a cartoonish “oh the irony!” chuckle.

(if you’re confused as to why this is funny, read this post. Or maybe I’m just not funny, in which case reading the post won’t help at all.)

In other news! Last weekend I went back to Vienna to pick up my visa. I am almost officially legal! I mean, I am. There are just a few more bureaucratic hoops to jump through. But!!! I have the damn thing, and I’m staying till at least September. I mean, hopefully for another year, but you never know. Shit happens. 

Now, some Vienna pictures:


Look! A confessional!


Some fancy church stuff. They were big on gold & purple in old-timey Vienna.


Why yes, that is a dead guy! I’m not sure who it is, but there is totally a skeleton in there, and they put armor and fake wings on him so he must be important.


Bored, cold, and hungry, I wandered into this empty church. Suddenly organ music started playing. It was very pretty, and kind of comforting, till I looked up and saw a bunch of demon statues staring down at me.


A super old-timey car. Does it remind anyone else of Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail?


St. Stephens got all dolled up for the evening.

Otherwise, life goes on.

I’ve been a bit sick, but that didn’t stop me from going out (a little) this weekend. Overall it was a pretty relaxing couple of days, which, after the last few weeks, I definitely needed.


Last night we met up with a friend at a local bar called The Big Lebowski. And yes, it is named after the movie. The Big Lebowski was smoke free, and had pay-what-you-want drinks. They also had really delicious white russians, which is nothing less than you’d expect.

The bar is actually a tiny little house. I doubt it would pass any kind of safety inspection- the ‘bar’ is a tiny room downstairs, and then you climb a rickety staircase to the second, open floor. I had trouble navigating the stairs in heels when I was sober. I imagine that it’s much more difficult when you’re drunk.

The second floor was kind of strange, with low ceilings and doorways and a curiously uneven floor. I wasn’t sure if our waiter was extremely tall or if the cartoonish proportions of the room just made him look it. I was also a little afraid that the floor would collapse beneath us, but it didn’t, so that’s fine. The walls had pictures from old movies (Forest Gump, the Godfather, etc) and there was even an old VHS video camera. Overall, I really liked it. As Vanessa pointed out, it was a little like being in a 50’s diner. A dirty, faded diner.

There was just one problem: the floor was bare. I really think a rug would have tied the room together.

Big Lebowski - bar, čajovna, kavárna, vinárna - Praha 3 - Welcome

Random music time! I made a wee tiny playlist on youtube. Check it out if you’re looking for some new music, or you’re bored, or you’d like to judge me for my taste in music.

And now, I’m going to go eat some lunch because I’m huuuungry. To conclude this post, here is a picture of a hot dog with  breasts:



3 thoughts on ““This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!”

  1. It all sounds great …. well, except for the confessional …. its been a long, long, long, long time in a faraway place since I passed into one of those and it still makes me nervous to see one. The Big Lebowski huh?? A great film. Nice to see that our culture has spawned such interesting spinoffs in foreign lands. I was happy to hear that the Vienna trip was successful … as the song says …. “its no fun, being an illegal alien ….”

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