And then I wrote some poems and stuff

A semi-sequel to night flight. Not yet done, but I’m posting it anyways ho hum. 

night flight continues


the city is before you

and the city is full of lights

and yours is bursting-

it is a sodium reaction

burning beneath your sternum

it is more than the chest can hold

chemicals explode, and

one fire turns to thousands

that burst free

they are fireworks that scream into the night

and they fly to join the lights of the city

and it is wondrous

even as it sears away

the silence

and the flesh;

yet  you are still the night flight

even among the lights on the ground

and you are looking down at those burning souls

as the lights burst from your chest;

you are watching from above as

you are stitched into the city’s tableau

and the city welcomes you as one of its own.

the jazz swells

and the fire burns

and desire has left a gaping hole in  your chest.


your bones are dropped into the river;

ground to sand and calcium dust.


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