Here’s a Summary: School Is Hard, But I Like It.


Prague continues to wow me with just how f*ing beautiful it is.

Last night, I went on a long, shambling walk with one of my flatmates (also known as a swatch. I love international slang!). We left the apartment for a walk and somehow ended up past the embassies and Prague castle and half-way up Petrin Hill. Snow angels may have been made. Several trees were further divested of snow.

Did I mention that it snowed?

When I decided to come to Prague in winter, I was really looking forward to what the city would look like in full winter-wonderland mode. Picture this: Buildings made of yellow plaster and well worn stone, surrounded by cobblestoned streets and twisting alleyways. The sun goes down. Street lamps flicker on one by one, filling the city with shadows and yellow pinpricks of light. Above, it begins to snow–and to snow, and to snow, and to snow. It catches on bleak statues and ugly road signs. In the distance, the Charles Bridge is muted with white.

Now, all of that was very pretentious. But you know, I don’t really care. Prague? You’re lovely, gurl.

Some quick facts:

On our walk, my roommate and I made a very important discovery: Prague has the best see-saws in central Europe.

In Prague restaurants, beer is very often cheaper than water.

This morning I stood on the Most Leggi Bridge while a flock of swans flew over my head.

It is currently 25 degrees outside.

Tonight, with dinner, I drank a 55 Kc bottle of wine. It was disgusting. I enjoyed it anyways.

On a more studious note, school is fantastic and I really am enjoying teaching! I wasn’t sure I would, and I have the feeling that I would like it less if I weren’t teaching immersion English. But I am, and I do, so the 8 hour class days followed by 2-5 hours of homework are bearable. There’s also the drinking/exploring. I like that, too. So far, we’ve discovered A) a literally-underground old man bar with 24 kc beers, B) a literally-underground bar with a medieval theme, C) how fun it is to get drunk with your classmates, students, and teachers, and D) how difficult it is to get the smell of pub (smoke, booze, sweat, and more smoke) out of your clothes.

I’m going to bed now. It’s about 12:04 am over here, for those that are curious. Ciao bellas.


3 thoughts on “Here’s a Summary: School Is Hard, But I Like It.

  1. Sounds like a long day ….. 8 hours of classwork, 2+ hours of homework and 2-4 hours of swatching and drinking cheap beers …… don’t the Czechs have wage and hour laws??? ….. BTW, the underground medieval and old man bars sound pretty good to me ……

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