Look! It’s Prague Castle. In the dark, from a distance. Blurred due to artistic defect.


I know, I know. You wanted pictures. Picture-S. As in many. Multiple. A butt ton of pics.

But this is all I have for you right now. Why? Well, I’m lazy, and the last few evenings I’ve been a bit tipsy as I walked home, so there’s that. Plus I’m trying to avoid being That Goddamned American Tourist as much as possible.

Anywhoosits. First day of classes today! Ah! I actually had a lot of fun, probably due to the fact that I didn’t have to start teaching yet. That starts Wednesday, and I am terrified/excited/nervous.

I met the rest of my classmates today, and they are all very fun, interesting people. We’ve got the ex-RAF guy. The Canadian wife of a Czech diplomat. A young American. A Czech woman who speaks English, German, and Czech fluently, and is in love with English grammar. That’s not to mention the bunch of interesting people from my flat (numbering 4, including me), and the teachers, who are complete characters.

After class today we all went to a local pub called the Konvict. I got to speak more in depth with some of the teachers, we all drank a lot of beer, and had conversations that ranged from serious debates over support for veterans and nationalistic pride to the kind of hysterical shite you get when you teach English in a foreign country. Good times, guys.

I also met with the woman who will be guiding me through the Visa/Zivnostensky ordeal. She’s already proving to be extremely competent/reassuring.

Things continue to go well. I’ve even made progress on my writing, despite the plethora of distractions. The only concern I have at the moment is how few vegetables I’ve consumed over the past weekend. Best not to think about it, really.

I also put out Thor today. Because everyone needs a Thor action figure striding across their desk.

Photo on 1-7-13 at 11.46 PM


One thought on “Picture!

  1. Sounds like an interesting group in your class …. and the Konvict sounds like fun …… apparently the old secret police station is across the way from the Konvict so watch out for any soviet era ghosts that may be lurking there ….. BTW i have it on good authority that beer is chock full of vegetables ……. and you could always order some “polévka” there ….

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