Today, I will take pictures. Promise!

But for now, here is a slice of the Prague pub scene:

Last night my flat mates and I went out to dinner. We also went to drinks afterwards, in what I’m sure will be a new favorite pub. It was just a block or two away from the flat, and to get in you had to descend below the sidewalk. Inside we found a single-beer pub filled with hazy cigarette smoke and a few sad Christmas decorations. One half of the pub held about 15 swarthy looking Czech men, all of whom were smoking. There was a high possibility that they were playing poker.

There was also one very robust looking woman, who I passed on the way to the bathroom. She seemed to be holding her own, more power to her.

Our round of four sizable beers was about 82 korona. That’s about 4 bucks, my fellow Americans. At least, I think it is. Still trying to get a handle on the exchange rate. Between korona and euros and two flatmates who translate the money into pounds, instead of dollars, it’s a little tricky.

Tomorrow I start classes! So today, I’m going to try and see more of the city in day light. I have to treck over to the shopping mall to fix my phone, but after that I’m going to try and get over the bridge to old town. I am already in love with this city.



One thought on “Today, I will take pictures. Promise!

  1. scooby doo…where are you??? Hannah it sounds like you are having a great time in your short period of time. Have fun and enjoy every moment!
    I liked scooby doo…not scrappy doo!
    xo,Robin- doo

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