I’m in Prague

So far, Prague is living up to my expectations. You all know how rare that is! Expect a number of pictures over the coming weeks, in order to maximize how jealous I’m going to make you feel.

So. Jealous.

But first! Airport adventures!

Yes. This trip (or life change, or ridiculous whim, depending on who you ask) started with a couple of hyper focused, “that did not actually happen” moments.

First, I board the flight from Newark to Zurich. Plane takes off, all seems normal. I even make friends with the very interesting woman sitting next to me. She was German born, then raised in South Carolina, and then married and moved to Switzerland. We’re chitchatting, and I notice that she has a furry scarf/stole thing on her lap, which she is petting.

That would have been a little weird, but, hey, people get strange on planes, and whatever keeps you balanced in the flying death tube is fine with me. But then the scarf moves, and up pops a squished little face, and I realize that holy shit it’s a cat.

I say this out loud. The lady laughs at me.

(The cat was named Melon, and it was the most docile thing I’ve ever seen. I got to hold it a few times. Plane ride improved by 10,000,000 points. Every time we hit turbulence I thought of how the Egyptians considered cats to be lucky).

There was another moment when I was trying to find my gate in the Zurich airport (which is very clean and very expensive, two adjectives that, along with white, describe most of the people inside). I saw a little boy, 7ish, with a mop of curly brown hair being hoisted in his dad’s arms. As I pass, the kid starts belting out the lyrics to Smashmouth’s All Star.” And this kid knew every word.

I can’t tell you how proud I was of that strange little boy.

Then I get picked up by a man who is actually named Vlad. Vlad takes me to my apartment, which, btws, is huge and lovely and holy-shit-I-am-here, the adventure is starting now, pass go, collect 200 dollars, and start you damn life.

My new roommate and I went on an epic grocery-store hunt that took us across the river and up through Wencelas Square. I am quite literally 10 minutes away from the heart of Prague. This is already fantastic, and I haven’t even started yet.

I’m going to leave soon- a very good family friend hooked me up with a friend of hers who lives in Prague, and he’s taking me to dinner. Because yes, apparently I am that lucky. And yes, I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.




PS: Some pictures of my apartment for the next month!

Photo on 1-4-13 at 6.23 PM #2

Photo on 1-4-13 at 6.22 PM #2

Photo on 1-4-13 at 6.22 PM

And in case anyone needs a refresher:


6 thoughts on “I’m in Prague

  1. Hannah,
    I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye but now I am saying…”damn, I want that apartment!” oh, and also I wish you many wonderful adventures and new experiences. I guess I cant send you blueberry muffins since they will be stale so I will make them for your mother instead. Much xo, Robin

    • I will be sad to miss your blueberry muffins, for they are delicious! Also your lemon cookies. Also, I miss you too, and much love right back atcha 🙂

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