Poem “night flight”

Hey dudes. And dudettes. No sexism here!

So this week I went to South Carolina to see my baby brother graduate from boot camp. He is officially a soldier now, and I am so proud I could just burst. I’ll be putting up a longer post about that tomorrow (a day off!). For now, here’s a poem that I started on the plane. Not sure it’s finished yet, but I’m going to post it anyways because yeah.



night flight


the last time i flew

it was daylight

i didn’t look out the window.



i look outside and see

a thousand lights;

and each light is

a thousand souls

burning against


gaslamp yellow nightscape.


clouds provide a familiar metaphor

yet those nightshade souls still glimmer through

where the cotton grey

is weakest


as i like to imagine they will always shine

even though i know

that always is a relative term.


once in tokyo i had the perfect drink

like electric moonbeams

and violets

and secrets soaked in gin.


i taste it here

in the recycled air above the nightscape

while viewing the souls

that may or may not be

the remnants of fevered dreams.


listen with me

if we’re very quiet, we can hear

the faint strains of

tokyo jazz

filtering through the soft thrum

of wheels and

motorized air

and a crying baby that’s never tasted

the smoky sweet burn of gin and juniper.


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