Poetry Dump!

I did warn you.

Anywhoosits, I’ve been writing poems, as you might guess from that terribly attractive title. Here they are. Read at your own discretion.

I’m thinking about starting a “poetry Sunday” feature. Any thoughts? Also, if you’re terribly bored and looking for something to do, I have more poems on my hello poetry account.

The Rat

Picture in me the ravening beast
and you’ll have a sketch of my character;
though I’ll warn you
it is not I who stalks deadly in the night,
looking for soft flesh on fleeing feet
and the taste of fear.
I save my prowling
for the scullery door and
the elusive glow of the hot oven.
I am the Thing That Scuttles,
the Devourer of Grains,
a card carrying member of the Cheese Sanctification Society.
(Progenitor of Pestilence, too, if you want to get fancy).
Stop up your cracks and close your cellar doors.
Anything less than a full lock down
I consider an invitation.
There are no spells to keep me away for long.
No beauty dares kiss my lips
and try to change me.
Isn’t that grand?
I know of no creature more comforted
by their own monstrosity than I.

(NOTE: This poem was very silly. Also, if you get the “cheese sanctification society” joke, then I will award you about 100 totally awesome points.*)

*Redeemable for a virtual cookie!

“Chill pills! Chill pills for all!”

Here is a truth:

We may draw lines around a thing,
but they will never be more
than tricks of the eye.

The shapes of things are blurred
and shift too often
to properly map.


Rules and nomenclature
ain’t no fun, and
bean counting leads to

Haiku: Cracked

Heartache spiderwebs
across the landscape; the glass,
cracked, weakens.


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