Young Sick-Abed

Right now, I’m laying on my couch with my laptop balanced on my legs. My coffee is sitting on my chest- every time I type the liquid sloshes just a little bit closer to the edge of the cup. It’s a constant balancing act. The danger keeps me on my toes.

Just to complete the picture, I’m wearing my Son of Coul teeshirt. Avengers 4 everrrrrr!

I’m sick today, so working from home. That whole “speaking” thing isn’t working too well so no retail for me! On the upside, my voice sounds so horrible that there’s no way my boss would think I was faking sick. Which I’m not. Trust me, I wish I was- then I could go outside, y’know, be really productive, maybe even finish cleaning my room. Le shocker! But alas, I’m not, and so far the only places I’ve been today have been this couch and back into the kitchen to make hot beverages.

Wait, I also went to the medicine cabinet for cold syrup. How exciting!

At least I can work on writing. As long as I don’t fall asleep while doing so, that is.

(Hence the coffee balancing act. The necessary vigilance is keeping me awake. Muwahaha).

And if I can’t write…

Did you know that Hulu Plus has all of Community on it? No? I just discovered this last night. Good timing! I sense a marathon in my very near future.

And by near future, I mean right now.


PS: Why does adjusting the volume on my computer restart my youtube videos? This is annoying. Seriously.

PPS: I totally blame all the sick people at the library (including my coworkers) for giving me this cold. THANKS GUYZ  😡

PPPS: Here is a fascinating TED talks video about the Greek crisis. It’s titled, “If I were 25 and Greek.” I think the speaker made a lot of sense. ❤ Greece.




4 thoughts on “Young Sick-Abed

  1. I have not had a chance to look at the video yet (yay work), but I will forever remember Michael Ignatieff as the silver-tongued apostle of permanent war abroad and legalized torture at home.

  2. I’m a fan of your posts. Sometimes I do feel like your stalker, because I hit “like” almost on everything you press.

    If It didn’t anger me as much, I’d write about the Spanish Crisis…I’m 25 and sort of trapped in it.

    • Thanks! Don’t feel like a stalker, your ‘likes’ make me happy. I’m a writer- we thrive off people who like our posts/books/everything.

      It makes me sad that there are so many crises at the moment. It just feels like young people around the globe are getting universally f#cked over. Y’know?

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