Reflection, But Just a Bit.


Can I just say, it has been a crazy couple of weeks? Let’s quickly recap the month of October:

  • My brother left for the Army (and boy did I never think I’d be typing THAT)
  • Mom went to the hospital for a week of SUPER FUN (see tag Hospital Adventure for more)
  • Path of Needles and finally launched
  • The Path of Needles blog tour went live
  • I got a new part time job at Barnes & Noble, and quit dog walking. Now I work at the library, the bookstore, on my own writing, and on two freelance projects depending on the week.
  • I decided to go to Prague to teach English in January

Jesu Christo.  What was I thinking?

Oh yeah: “money! travel! LIVIN’ THE DREAM, BABY”

It turns out that livin’ the dream (baby) is pretty exhausting. And yet, so totally worth it.

(Thanks, mom, for letting me live at home. And buying me such wonderful shoes. Mmm.)

While sales have been a bit sluggish, I’ve so far had really excellent reviews. The lowest review I got gave Path of Needles 4/5 stars. That makes me very, very happy. I’ve also generated some interest in the giveaway; so far, about 272 people have signed up to win a copy. That’s pretty cool!

So, what’s the point of this blog post?

Basically, I’m trying to give myself a bit of perspective. The last few days weeks month have been a whirlwind, and definitely changed my “life track” about 360 degrees. I mean, last night I bought a ticket to Prague. The return date? Not until September 2013, and only that soon because it’s the latest I can set the date to. As my friend pointed out, things are gonna change, and fast. While I’m looking forward to that- heck, I’m already living it- it’s still a bit intimidating.

At the moment, I’m typing from my mom’s mini-laptop. I’m considering taking it on my trip instead of my Macbook, both for ease of carry and to be less of a target for pickpocketers. Mom would get to use my beautiful, beloved laptop while I’m gone, so it’s a pretty fair trade. So far it’s working well. It actually has a full sized keyboard, and as you can see I’m typing on it with no problems. I also downloaded the Scrivener trial to see if it would work on this computer, and it does. Which is good, because at this point if you tried to seperate me from my beloved writing program I’d probably cry like a little baby.


I leave January 3rd, and it seems like there is absolutely no time between now and then. I have to pay the rest of my deposit. I have to learn as much Czech as possible, which probably won’t be much. There’s also the visa/Zhivnostensky to deal with, and then learning how to teach, and then teaching students who don’t speak English. I’ve got to work on Path of Pins. I’ve got to earn/save as much moolah as I can. Then there’s packing, and holidays, and…jeez.

Life remains crazy. Luckily, that’s the way I prefer it.



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