Cool Comic Art And, Uh, Stuff.

I somehow came across Kevin Wada’s Tumblr (if it was from someone on Facebook, thanks! Otherwise, just thank you internet in general). This man is INCREDIBLE. His super-hero art is unusual; it looks like marvel and vogue got together and played with watercolors for awhile. Check out this print he did. Can you guess what the fandom is?

Image by Kevin Wada


Did you say Sailor Moon? Because, yeah. That is awesome, and brings back so many memories of my Sailor Moon obsession phase. AKA most of my life.

You should check out his stuff- I especially like his “X-fashion” series. There are a few portraits of Wolverine that will knock your socks off, and a great one of Wolverine and Dark Pheonix.

My nerd is showing so hard right now. But considering that I just came back from Comicon last weekend, I don’t really care.

Speaking of which! At the con I snapped this photo of a Catwoman cosplayer. I really like this picture, so it’s going on the blog. YUPS.

Comicon was a total blast. I got to wear all my lovely Dr. Who buttons on my badge, and there were great cosplayers. I especially liked the guy who dressed up as Mr. T, Terminator Killer. Yes, you read that right. I bought a lot of comic books, obviously, but my favorite purchase was my new “I am SHERlocked” teeshirt. I ā¤ Sherlock.


My expression, while wearing my new tee shirt. Oooh yeah.


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