Things Are Looking Good

Currently, there are 171 people signed up for the Path of Needles giveaway on Mind you, the giveaway opened two days ago. That is pretty freaking cool. I encourage all of you to go onto Goodreads and enter to win a copy! I’ll sign it, too. That’s how fancy I am.


In addition, today’s Blog Tour event was the beginning of a month long Read-2-Review giveaway, hosted by Goodreads’ Young Adult Reads group. So far 10 people have signed up, leaving five more e-copies up for grabs. I’m giving them away in Kindle, PDF, and Epub format, so sign up if you want one!

In other news, I started work at Barnes & Noble today. It was definitely the best retail experience I’ve had. Of course I generally dislike retail (what oh yes I AM selling my own books hahaha) but B&N is a nice place to work. The people are very nice, and I love books, sooo yeah. I now spend my days A) writing books, B) lending books, C) selling books, or D) all of the above. Somehow, I’m okay with this.

Especially since I’m going to Prague in two and a half months. YES.

Here is a video from Patrick Wolf. I love Patrick Wolf. You should too. His music is never, ever boring.


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