Path of Needles is Live

We’re Live, Baby

You can buy Path of Needles on Amazon. 

Or Createspace, if you’d like a 276 page hard copy.

Perhaps you might enjoy Julie Slonecki’s song, Path of Needles. 

Or maybe you’d just like to log onto, and read all the extra goodies therein. 

Months of planning, hard work, and coordination have gone into this day. Let’s make it a fabulous one. If you’re excited about the book, share it on Facebook, or add me on Goodreads. If you really like it, leave a review. And, seriously, have fun. There is a lot of fun to be had.

And don’t forget! THE BLOG TOUR HAS BEGUN. Bonnie over at A Backwards Story wrote me an amazing review. You can read it here, and I suggest you do so immediately.  Tomorrow we’re over at Tricia Kristufek’s blog for a guest post by moi. GET PUMPED.




2 thoughts on “Path of Needles is Live

    • ME TOO! Due to unforseen circumstances, I’ve not yet had the chance to take an excellent mustache-sunglasses picture for the blog tour. I hope to remedy this soon.

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