In Which We Reenact Pride and Prejudice

Today mom and I were walking in the hallways, and I joked that we were “taking a turn around the hospital.” This led to a good ten minutes of us pretending we were in Pride and Prejudice and complimenting invisible people on their feminine form and accomplishments. Particularly Georgina’s skill at the Piano Forte.

Sometimes I love my mother.

It sounds like there’s a chance we might get out of here tomorrow. Not sounding too likely, but keep your fingers crossed. If we stay till Wednesday it would be a complete week. Or will it be a day longer than a week? We were admitted last Wednesday night…oh who cares.

On the upside, I am developing quite the effective drill sergeant voice as I yell at mom for itching. Except, you know, at hospital volume. A controlled drill sergeant voice.

Last night I had a very nice time in NYC! Mom was doing well, and a variety of friends and family were here, so I left in the evening and met up with a buddy from college. We got dollar dumplings in a back alley in Chinatown, went to an honest-to-goodness arcade, and had really delicious donuts. At the arcade we played a terminator game, the old-fashioned kind that has actual guns attached to the machine. Nothing is as cathartic as machine-gunning a bunch of evil robots, let me tell you.

In other news, my book launches on Friday! And what have I done on that front for the last week? Did you guess nothing? YOU WERE RIGHT. Obviously there have been extenuating circumstances. And yet I can’t quite contain the panic that is slowly but surely creeping along my brain. Luckily I did a lot of work in the last month so I built myself a bit of a buffer. It will be fine. Probably. Definitely. Maybe.

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!


3 thoughts on “In Which We Reenact Pride and Prejudice

  1. Glad you got some Hannah time in. You are a great daughter. I thoroughly enjoy these post. Keep up the good work! Sandy

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  2. How about a re-enactment of another artistic medium…during the next stroll around the halls of the hospital you should re-enact the famous George Seurat painting “La Grande Jatte.” I am sure the hospital gown has a bustle so your mother will be dressed for the occasion! And the view of the water will be soothing and aid in her recuperation!

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