You Know You’ve Been in the Hospital Too Long When…

…the parking attendent asks if you’re an employee. Wish I was joking! Also wish I didn’t have to keep shelling out 4 bucks every time I leave the parking deck.

The icing on the annoying cake was when I didn’t have cash, and the only ATM available was courtesy of Bank of America. I particularly dislike Bank of America. Grawr.

Just bought “I Know What Love Isn’t” by Jens Lekman. It reminds me of Badly Drawn Boy and The Smiths. If you like those bands, you might like this CD as well. The title track is my current favorite track off the CD, but that could change.

I’m so changeable!


At the hospital, they have these neat little lids on their coffee cups. I’m going to try and get a picture. Hold on a second.


Isn’t that clever? You can open and close the…uh…the mouth hole at will! Sorry not sure there is a better word for that. Mouth hole does sound a little obscene, doesn’t it.


Good lord Jesus I am so bored.




One thought on “You Know You’ve Been in the Hospital Too Long When…

  1. You should have said u were an employee. Maybe you would’ve gotten a discount, and… if u go and come in 1 day there usually isn’t a charge- find out

    Things to ease your boredom: Roam the halls Find random people who are hanging like u to talk to Get the patient ( lol ) some jello 🙂


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