Blog Tour Schedule As Of Now

Now that I have your attention

First off, sorry for the bit of radio silence about book stuff! Or maybe you were glad for it, because, jeez, how annoying is this crazy lady with a ‘blog’ and a ‘facebook’ and delusions of grandeur. BUT ANYHOW. My other jobs (aka the ones that pay me) got a little crazy these last two weeks, and my brother is leaving for the Army (what?!?) so it’s been a bit nutty. But I have been writing, and organizing blog tour stuff! So don’t fret, all two or three people who read this blog.

Here is the current blog tour schedule (which may actually change. It’s very fluid). Also, am unsure I should call it a ‘blog tour.’ There’s a few Goodreads things in there, and I’m also giving a presentation/workshop at my local library, sooo…Hmm. Things to think about.



October 11: To kick off the week, Bonnie from “A Backwards Story” will be posting her review of Path of Needles. 

October 12: Guest Post at Tricia Kristufek’s blog, “Musings of a Writing Reader.” The subject will be how I first got into the ‘original’ fairy tales. It should be interesting!

Oct. 16: R2R starts on I’m a member of the “Young Adults Read” group, and starting on Oct. 16th I’ll be giving away 15 copies of Path of Needles in exchange for reviews. Go join up now if you’d like to participate!

Oct. 17-19: I’m doing a three day stop on the “Reflections of a BookWorm” blog. On the 17th  Heather will post her review.  On the 18th, there will be a special excerpt from the book- different than the one already posted on my blog! And to wrap it all up, on the 19th we’re doing a three way interview between Heather, me, and my main character. It’s going to be tons of fun!

Oct. 18: I’m doing a workshop for the teen group at my local library. Come check it out if you’re in the area! There will be contests with giveaways of both my books, some fun writing activities, and just general funtimes.  I’ll post more information as the time gets closer. YAY. PS I am totally terrified to talk to these teens for an hour. What if they don’t like meeeeeeee?!

Oct. 22 (a two-parter!):

1. This launches the first day of my weeklong ‘author spotlight’ over on Goodreads’ YA LGBT group. There’s a rather prominent gay love story in my novel (cough *JimRoger* cough), and I’m hoping that this group will be intrigued enough to check out my books. I’m really excited about this one.

2. Also on the 22, I’ll be doing another guest post on “A Backwards Story.” The topic for this one is how the fairy tales influenced Path of Needles. Again, this is one of my favorite subjects, so get excited 🙂

Oct. 23: Author Interview over at “BeLoved Books.”  I really like author interviews, at least so far. Probably just because I like the sound of my own voice. But what do you want from me? I’m an author. It’s what ah dooooooo.


So that’s that so far. Still time to add things to the schedule, if anyone wants to participate! I am willing to do pretty much anything, as long as it’s legal. Or I get compensated with pudding and/or increased readership.


On an unrelated note, I’ve finished Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, which definitely earned all the praise it’s gotten. I loved it. Reading it also reminded me why it’s important to read, and not just write. I felt pretty inspired to get back to my novel writing after finishing it, and even started a new story (just for funzies) on the side. So YAY.


That’s a lot of text, so here’s a video from Amanda Palmer’s new CD, “Theatre is Evil.” I love this CD, by the way.



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