Cafe 305: Shrimp and Grits with Okra and Tomatoes


Look at the pretty colors!

Cafe 305: Shrimp and Grits with Okra and Tomatoes.

Found this recipe online, and made it to great success! I made a few changes due to a slightly empty pantry: substituted bacon for pancetta, left out the red pepper, and exchanged parmesan cheese for milk and sour cream in the grits. But its a great recipe. Makes me think of college. NOSTALGIA.

Oh also switched red onions for regular, just cuz it’s purty.  This was my first time working with okra, and that stuff kind of hurts! I kept getting little okra splinters from the fibrous skin. Luckily it’s cooked now, and the texture is more like snot. But delicious. Um…

So today, I did a lot of dog walks (9 by the end of the night!). It was actually not that bad. It’s kind of soothing! When they cooperate, that is. I have a couple of cranky troublemakers that for some reason don’t like to walk. You’re a dog! You’re supposed to like being outside and sniffing stuff, jeez. At least there were no more near-miss dog fights, because that was not fun.

Side note: realized I talk to myself waaay too much when I dog walk.

I did a little more work on marketing- I’m trying to set up a blog tour for the book launch, and doesn’t that make me feel fancy. I’m kind of walking into this blind. Picture a blindfolded, drunk hedgehog trapped in a room full of balloons, and you’ve got a pretty good picture. Actually that makes no sense, but it is a funny mental image!

At least I have some tasty shrimp ‘n grits. Mmm.


2 thoughts on “Cafe 305: Shrimp and Grits with Okra and Tomatoes

  1. You should have made a photograph of the finished product sitting on top of a bed of creamy grits. Yummmmm. Made me think of Charleston SC!

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