Things are Safe Again. Probably.

Yep. How do you like the new look? It’s a bit more streamlined, a little sparse. Not that it’s in preparation for the big flashy website or anything. Nooope.

In other news, I’m re-watching Once Upon a Time before season 2 launches (if anybody is surprised that I like this show, shame on them). I’m realizing now that this show advocates a  lot of really questionable behavior. I mean, affairs? That’s fine, as long as the cheaters have True Love. No need to man up and tell your wife /make a decision or any of that nonsense.  Then there’s the show’s treatment of adopted parents. I know we’re operating under Fairy Tale rules, and Regina is evil. I get that. But doesn’t anyone think to say, “hey, you know? She’s his adopted mom. Maybe a little respect?” It sends a pretty clear message about how important the adopted mother-son bond is: aka not at all.

And all the royals that are portrayed as total dicks- such as James/David/Charming’s father- are mostly behaving for the good of their kingdom. Sometimes being a leader is hard, bro. Give ’em a break.

That being said, I’m still eager for season 2. RUMPLExBELLE 4 EVERRRRRRRRRR.

No but seriously. Love. Them.

Oh, Rumple. I love your scheming face.



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