Yesterday Was a Really Good Day

Yesterday was a really good day.

It was the first time in a while where I had the day completely off. No dog walking, no library, no pressing deadlines or places to be.

I spent the morning working on my website, adding the new art I’d received and tweaking a few formatting problems. I also got to listen to the song that Julie wrote for the book- did I mention that she’s almost done with it? It’s pretty amazing. She did a fabulous freaking job.

Also for the first time in about a month, my cable/internet was actually working, so I got to do Yoga (can I have some virtue points?). And you know what I did then?

I went to Barnes & Noble, and instead of working on the website, or marketing, or trying to force my manuscript into the right format for .mobi/epub/pdf/whatever, I got to write. I finally broke through the bit of writer’s block I’ve had on Path of Pins, and wrote out a pretty spectacular backstory for one of my new characters.

THEN I actually went to the grocery store (more virtue points, plz), went home and made the most delicious, veggie packed Lentil stew you’ve ever tasted.

AND THEN! (because it was a good-freaking-day) I went to my BFF’s house for dinner and hung out with some of my closest friends.

(Plus I looked pretty cute. Belted sweater and feathered sandals combo for the win)


It was a lovely day.



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