An Announcement

My friends, in a hammock. Two seconds later: everyone falls out.

Since my last blog update (in July…I am bad. I know), I have:

  1. Gone to Cape Cod for a week, during which I had an internet vacation. Did you know that there is this thing called ‘outside’? There are green things. And something called ‘sunlight’
  2. Eaten a number of whole grain bagels with almond butter
  3. Drunk approximately 10,000 cups of coffee
  4. Thrown a birthday party
  5. Attended a birthday party (for me!)
  6. Added tons of art, music, and content to the Path of Needles website
  7. Finished editing Path of Needles (with the assistance of my lovely editor)
  8. Made the cover for Path of Needles

Speaking of which…

This Friday, August 24th,  I am unveiling the cover for Path of Needles. I’ll also officially announce the launch date for the series–though if you read the interview, you’ll know that ahead of time 😉 .If this announcement date seems a bit arbitrary, that’s because it is. Everything is almost ready. Things are gearing up. And I am DYING to share it with you people.

The unofficial motto of my college was “work hard, play hard.” Lately it seems that this is the unofficial motto for my life as well.

I am so damn lucky.


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