So I’ve been doing a lot of editing over the past few days, along with website formatting, and more work on the ‘content’ part of the website. What do all of these things have in common?

They are very boring to talk about. Pity the people who hang out with me in real life.

The good thing about these tasks is that they take considerably less concentration/brainpower than is required for initial edits and writing. This means that I get to listen to music! And boy, have I been listening to a lot of music. I’ve been trying to post on Facebook when I find something new and free. I thought I could make a kind of playlist here, however. Maybe y’all would like these bands. Maybe you’ve already listened to them. But…eh. I have no better idea for a blog post today so HERE IT IS.

1. Generals – The Mynabirds

This is their second CD and I am LUVING it. Yes, that’s right- loving it with a u. It’s so good that it defies conventional spelling. The Mynabirds are a great blend of blues and rock and jazz and just awesome. The lead singer has a nice whiskey voice, too, so that’s a big plus.





2. Childish Gambino

Just…everything. I love this man. I would bear his children and they would be incredibly talented, just like their daddy. (And with that sentence things got weird. Not going to delete it, though. Nooope.)




3. Bon Iver – Bon Iver

I know I’m, like, years late for this party, but I don’t care. Bon Iver makes excellent ‘working’ music. It’s quiet and haunting and pretty good. Yep. That’s all I’m gonna say on that one.





4. Time Without Consequence – Alexi Murdoch

I overindulged in Alexi Murdoch in college, so it’s been a while since I listened to this album. IT IS SO GOOD. Mellow, simple, yet beautiful at the same time. Also, more excellent writing music! This album is good for putting you in a  pensive, ‘write about feelings’ mood, which is crucial when your characters need to emote. Thank you, Mr. Murdoch, for helping my characters deal with all their feelings.

(Is it getting weird again? It is, isn’t it.)




Look at these boys! Aren’t they just deliciously drab?

5. Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes

Another mellow, good-to-write-by album. I’d throw in Helplessness Blues here as well, but it’s got too much energy for me to focus properly. Fleet Foxes makes me think of sitting on my porch in Virginia, thinking deep thoughts about mountains and life. Of course at the time I was usually kind of drunk. Is that inappropriate to say on my author blog? I’m almost 23. That’s gotta be okay by now. Hmm.


That’s all I have for today. Are you disappointed? Is anyone there? Am I standing at the brink of the vast Internet ocean, shouting into complete nothingness? Have I spent too much time staring at my computer today, trying to force tiny columns of text into the appropriate alignment?

Food for thought.


2 thoughts on “Music

  1. Very interesting bands and artists you’ve highlighted. Definitely musical food for thought that I’ll have to indulge in soon since I am always on the look out for any and all phenomenal music to fall in love with.

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