New Childish Gambino Mixtape?!?!

So I’m about two weeks behind on this, but Childish Gambino has released a new mix tape. Titled “Royalty,” it features a TON of collaborations including some with Beck, one of my all time favorite artists. Also on here? Tina Fey. Who does that? Childish Gambino, that’s who.


I’m listening to it right now. Like Camp, the lyrics are amazing- insightful and clever, with enough ridiculousness thrown in that you’re laughing as much as you’re thinking. CG’s lyrics tap into something really, well, real. Plus it’s just great music.

Download it here:

It’s free, people. Do it. Do it RIGHT NOW.

(Also on the off chance that you’ve never heard him before, he has a filthy mouth. Make-a-sailor-blush filthy. You’ve been warned).


PS: Just listened to “Real Estate,” the track with Tina Fey. It is so funny. Oh my gawd. This is another example of how clever CG is! Seriously! Go have a listen.


Last but not least: Here is an video from Rolling Stone. Donald Glover interviews Childish Gambino, and there’s a little bit of tension.


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