Oh Boy Oh Boy!

As you know, I’ve been obsessively working on my new website/propositioning artists/writing content for said website (which is turning out to be super cool!).

Today, I had a breakthrough.

I’ve been having trouble with the site design, and today it CLICKED. And now, my baby website is looking pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. I think it hits the right tone! I think it looks cool! It reflects the themes of my books! It will be a great canvas for displaying all that gorgeous art that will be coming my way!

I AM LITERALLY GIDDY WITH JOY. Man I wish you guys could see it! But no, you’ll have to wait until the fall. I’ll be announcing the official release dates soon, so keep your eyes open!

I’m going to go to the grocery store now. I know, I lead a charmed life.


Now if only I could hire someone to do all this pesky/terrifying/really quite hard marketing for me, I’d be in great shape.


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