! :D <3

I have commissioned my very first artist!!!!


I’ve spent the last two days trolling Deviantart, trying to find people who A) have a nice artistic style, B) Do commissions, and C) that I can afford.

I’ve sent out a few notes so far, and one person has replied. So BOOYAH. Their style is pretty amazing. I’m very excited to work with them. I’m also kind of nervous- am I going about this the right way? There’s something skeevy about emailing strangers and asking them to do stuff for money. Hmmm. Oh well because that’s what I’m doing. YEAH.

I’m going to go back to looking at art/ making up a list of images I’d like to commission/ working on my site background/ writing/ OHGODMYEYESAREBLEEDING.

Just had a thought: Do I need to make a press release? What goes into that? *adding it to the extensive to-do list*

(Guys I’m really happy right now. No joke/sarcasm. I’m having so much fun 🙂  I mean, I get to make stuff! I’m freaking world-building! How cool is that?!?)


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