All Quiet on the Western Front

I know I’ve been a bit boring lately. Sorry, internet!

I was at the beach for fourth of July, and it was FABULOUS. I swam soooo much, and I got a little bit tan. I mean, nothing compared to my usual summer look- gotta thank the ‘ol Mediterranean blood- but at least I don’t look so pale anymore.

I’ve been obsessively designing backgrounds for my new website. Most of them are really terrible, but I’m learning all sorts of things about graphics on Photoshop that I didn’t before, so it’s actually good practice! That being said, I need to step back and get back to writing. I think I’m going to give  Path of Pins a little break and work on some of the ‘bonus’ material I plan to feature on the website.

Oh, and go to work.

And dog walk.

And to the bank.

And laundry.

And room cleaning.

And then explode from sleepiness.

I foresee another “collapse on the couch and watch a mindless horror movie” night ahead of me.


For now, please enjoy this youtube video of Ryan Gosling and Ellen Degeneres wearing onsies while using treadmills.



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