Disproportionately Excellent Trailer Phenomenon

Things I think about when I’m sick:

Are there Oscars for trailer makers? Because someone out there is making amazing trailers for shitty movies. Prometheus, Snow White and the Huntsman…these were terrible movies but their trailers did a GREAT job tricking me into getting excited for them. Seriously, it is kind of an art form. Someone needs an award.

Yesterday I was home with a mean cold and consequentially watched a lot of Ghost Hunters International. I noticed that this Disproportionately Excellent Trailer Phenomenon (DETP) is very prevalent in paranormal shows. In the beginning of the episode, when they’re explaining where they’re going to investigate, they make it seem as if they find TONS of paranormal stuff. But in the actual episode it’s just a cat, or a camera guy, or someone on the crew farting.

Joe Slaughterface: “What’s that…guys? Are you *BLEEP*ing smelling this? It could be a manifestation of an odor poltergeist!”

Bubba: “Actually…sorry, everyone. I had burritos for lunch.”

On an unrelated (kind of?) note: there is a new ghost show on SciFi called  Haunted Collector.  Now, I watch a lot of junk tv. I also watch a lot of junk paranormal tv (Finding Bigfoot, anyone?). But this is so bad even I had trouble watching it. I mean, the main guy’s voice!!!! He sounds like an old man I used to know from my Temple. It’s hard to listen to a guy talk about EVPs when he sounds like he should be lecturing me about the Scriptures. Oy Vey.


On a WRITING note:

*giggles wickedly*


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