So a while back I wrote this poem titled “Bird 5- Aside; and Hide, and Hide…”  It was the fifth in a series that I was hoping to turn into a poetry-narrative but never got around to finishing. Funny thing is, I now find myself using this particular poem as a reference for a few characters I’ve put in my current novel. Cool, huh?

I think images/ideas really stay with you. I was talking with a friend the other day about what I like to call your “Personal Pantheon.” I use this term to refer to things- not necessarily deities, or role models, etc- that influence a specific individual. For instance, the idea of living shadows is a concept that has followed me pretty much my entire life. It pretty much moved the plot of To Wake the Shadows and I can also see it in my current book series. I’m still tweaking the ‘Personal Pantheon’ idea, but it’s something I find interesting.

Anyways, I guess these guys- ‘dog’ and ‘sly fox’ – have stuck with me for some reason. Also ‘Goblin King.’ And- hmm. You know what? The bird series might be some kind of bizarre prototype of the story I’m working on now. Weird.

We could also debate the origins of stories- Jungian archetypes, all that jazz. But NO, I’m going to be good and stop rambling and get back to work. Seriously.

It’s going to happen, like, right now.


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