Summer Food

Not to turn this blog into a bad version of “Stuff White People Like,” but I love going to the farmer’s market. I went today and got lots of tasty veggies. I felt very green and virtuous. It’s a lie, but I don’t really care. Swiss Chard is delicious and nothing you say will convince me otherwise.

Anyways for dinner I made one of my favorite summer meals: Bruschetta. Kind of. I added fresh mozzarella so my Italian relatives would probably yell at me, but OH WELL. It was super tasty and oh-so-refreshing.


Check out that plating! Oh yeaaaaah *wraggles eyebrows*


By the way, if you’re wondering what that blue thing is in the corner, it’s a cage for my mother’s parrot. I long for the day when she leaves the door open and he ‘accidentally’ escapes. Maybe a hungry hawk will wander by! I live in hope.



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