Some Days You Just Gotta Dance




Oh man.

Oh boy oh boy.

I have been saving this scene for, like, ever. There are some scenes I can see in  my head – let’s call them Road Markers – that drive my narrative. Usually I’ll have a few in mind, and then my story flows as I try to get to the next “marker.” The one I just got to use is probably my second favorite of all time (after the climactic scene in Path of Needles, where….BUT OH WAIT. THAT’S NOT PUBLISHED YET OOPS).



Totally doing a little happy dance.


On a semi related note: I’m starting to think of self-publishing for my next series. I’ve not been getting any bites from agents, and, well, I kind of like self- publishing, for all the work it entails. And I’ve been having some thinky-thoughts on how to launch this next series so that it really takes off. I would definitely outsource my editing to get rid of those pesky typos that I always, inevitably, miss. And I’m thinking of making a corresponding website with some web-exclusive content. Maybe some great art (by some fancy artist friends). A fancy trailer. A few extra mini-stories that I didn’t get to put in my book. Background information on the fairytales and myths I’m pillaging using for my story. A week of promotions and maybe a giveaway or two. Basically, pumping all my connections for any help they could offer.

It would take a lot of planning, but then again, I think it might be worth it.

Any thoughts? Pro-self publishing? Anti-self publishing? I open the forum for discussion.


5 thoughts on “Some Days You Just Gotta Dance

  1. Maybe consider trying It might give you a better platform, they’ll do the editing for you (for free), you get as much profit as self-publishing, and for every book sold, one is donated to a child in need!

    Good luck with whatever choice you make!

    • Oh! I’ve never heard of them before. I’ll definitely check that out- sounds like it could be an interesting deal.

      By the way, as a fan of puns, the name Hannah, and classical literature, I love your username.

      • Haha, yeah, lots of people in the book world always ask if I’m Russian (I’m not. I’m Welsh and Irish and German and some more Irish). It’s my real name and my parents were completely unaware of the connotations at first. They just thought the rhythm was pretty!

  2. I support finding an editor who is not afraid to make you cry in the service of taking your shit to the next level. BUT that could be for your next book after the trilogy. So who knows?

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